Tech Tip – Sailpoint IIQ – How to install and register IQService


For simplicity, we will neither use client authentication nor use TLS connection between IdentityIQ server and IQService.

We shall enable these advanced security option later when we get the non secure connection working.

  • Extract the archive from the IIQHOME\WEB-INF\bin\win directory of the IdentityIQ installation into your chosen directory :
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
  • Install IIQService to listen on both TLS and NON-TLS Port (Even if we are not going to use TLS connecitivity immediately , we are installing this for future use.) “IQService -i -p 5050 -o 5051”


  • Start “Sailpoint IQService-Instance1” service from Service console
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