Tech Tip – PingFederate – How to integrate PingFederate with Active Directory for Authentication and Attribute lookup


Requirement : 

How to integrate Microsoft Active Directory with PingFederate for user authentication and attribute lookup for SAML sso flow.

Environment :

  • PingFederate Version:

Prerequisite :

  • Two instance of PingFederate , one for IDP and another for SP preconfigured.
  • An working Saml 2.0 SSO partnership between IDP and SP 

High level Steps :

  1. Create a new Active Directory Data Store object
  2. (optional) – Create a new HTML login form template
  3. Create a new PCV object of type “LDAP Username and Password Credential Validator”
    Link to AD source created in Step (1)
  4. Create a new IDP Adapter of type “HTML Form Idp Adapter”
    Link new PCV created in Step 3
    Link new HTML login form template created in Step (2) (Optional)
  5. Link new IDP Adapter with the existing SP connection for user authentication
  6. Test login with the new Active Directory Authentication

Step by Step Video Demonstration :

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