Tech Tip – How to reset password for easuser for AAC

How to reset password for easuser for AAC

The AAC module creates a default user easuser for authentication to the runtime server. This user
is stored in the internal user registry created for AAC module.
Before you could connect to AAC runtime (for e.g. using reverse proxy ) you will need to reset the password for this easuser.

  • ISAM : (on Docker)
  • In the LMI console, navigate to Secure Access Control > Global Settings > User Registry.

  • Select the easuser entry and click Set Password.

  • Type new password, confirm it and click OK.

  • Deploy the changes.
  • Restart the AAC docker container.
  • Access URL : https://<aac-host>:<aac-https-port>/rtss/authz/services/AuthzService or , in case of docker :¬†https://<docke-hostname>:<docker-https-port-for-aac>/rtss/authz/services/AuthzService.
  • When prompted, provide easuser as a User Name and password¬†set earlier for this user and Click OK.


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