1. Which of the following is represented by Identity Object "exceptions" attribute
2. True or False. SailpointContext.decache(object) leaves any open database cursors intact.
3. True or False : The "Workflow" object represents obht the workflow definition and the state of the running workflow (e.g. list of all the steps involved, list of transition ot other steps)
4. Which of these arguments are automatically provided to all rules and scripts ? Choose all that apply
5. How can you add a Beanshell rule to IdentityIQ ? Choose all that apply
6. Which one of these Sailpoint Context methods supports a project query , providing for better memory management efficiency ?
7. Which of these functions does a QueryOptions provide in a search operation ? Choose all that apply
8. What does the "Bundle" object represent in UI
9. Choose the object that represents the state of one certifiable item (e.g. a role, an entitlement)
10. Which of these objects represents an entitlement in the Entitlement Catalog
11. Which of the following represents an account on an Application
12. Which of the following are the usage of SailpointContext object ? Choose all that apply
13. Which of the following are the methods to populate Workflow variable. Choose all that apply
14. Which of the following represents class used to manage entitlement connections and record certification and request metadata for an identity
15. True or False . EntitlementGroup is a set of "additional" Entitlements held by the identity across multiple application

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