1. What is the difference between a task and a business process (workflow) ?
2. What is the term for reading application data into IdentityIQ from external source
3. What is the term for reviewing an identity's accounts and entitlements on the application within your enterprise ?
4. What is the term for writing to application within your enterprise?
5. How can an implementor add custom business logic to IdenittyIQ using what functionality?
6. True or False. Authoritative Identity Cubes are created for each account read from all applications
7. What should an account attribute marked as if we want to add the entitlement to entitlement catalogue?
8. True or False. After aggregating, entitlements are added to the entitlement catalogue, but they are not fully promoted on identity cubes until a refresh task has been run
9. True or False. Business roles are detected for an identity if that user has all of the entitlements that are associated with that role
10. True or False : Can we have more than 20 custom attributes with IdentityIQ
11. When you add custom (extended) attributes that are not marked as searchable, where are these new attributes stored by default?
12. Which of the following steps are required to create and use new named extended attribute?
13. Which of the following command will initialize IdentityIQ
14. True or False : You will need to first startup application server before running any command in IIQ console
15. True or False : Any given identity can have more than one Identity Cube
16. Information on the identity cube may be :
17. How many extended attribute of type "Identity" is allowed ?
18. True or False. Refresh task process data on identity cubes and updates them. Aggregation task read account information into IdentityIQ from external applications
19. True or False. A group can be defined based on multiple attributes; a population is based on a single attribute
20. Which of the following are Singleton Tasks
21. Which of the following are mandatory parameters for Account Aggregation task
22. Which of the following are supported authentication mechanism in IdentityIQ
23. Default user rights include

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