Which of the following logs can be written to JDBC capable database
Which of the following logs can be written to Comment Event Framework (CEF)
Log file location can be changed by modifying "pf.log.dir" property in configuration file :
Which of the following is not a valid transaction logging mode
Transaction logging mode set on the global level overrides the one set on each connection level. True or False ?
Which of the following log stores the data store create/modify/delete events
Following source type is not available during contract fulfilment configuration in Access Token mapping for "Client Credential" context
Client Secret is not required for which of the following grant types (Choose all that apply)
Which of the following scope is mandatory for OpenID connect request from client ?
Which token needs to be submitted to UserInfo endpoint in OpenID connect flow
Which of the following OAuth Grant type doesn't need Redirection URL
HTTP Request to Administrative Console is logged in :
By default server.log rotates when
Any changes to Log4j2.xml such as adding a Logger or adjusting log levels needs PingFederate restart. True or False
Events related to administrative action performed by Administrator in Administrative console can be configured (add/remove) as below

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