1. Which of the following is supported Java version by PingFederate 9.3.X
2. Which of the following is pre-requisite step before installing PingFederate on Windows operating system?
3. Which of the following are the valid ways to install PingFederate v9.3.3. in Linux Operating system?
4. How do you install new adapter in PingFederate?
5. What is the minimum hardware requirements for PingFederate 9.3.3 ?
6. Where do you install PingFederate license file ?
7. You would like PingFederate to bind its service to the standard HTTPS port of 443, rather than the default of 9031. After making the appropriate change in run.properties, you receive the following error: "The port number (443) may be in use or bind address ( is invalid." Choose which of the following option will fix the issue ? Choose all that apply

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