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    Hi Ujwol,

    Assume that I have custom 4x agent and have completed the policy server configurations using the corresponding custom agent. Also, I am able to test it locally.

    Now, what should be next set of action? How to integrate this custom agent with the application? How this should be used by application team?



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    Hi DHilip,

    First step with custom agent, is installing CA SSO SDK.

    When you install SDK , you will get a sample custom agent class : C:\Program Files\CA\sdk\samples64\smjavaagentapi\JavaTestClient.java

    This custom agent will utilize the 4x agent that you created in the Policy server to establish AgentAPI connection and perform the IsProtected , IsAuthenticated and IsAuthroized API calls to policy server.

    You should then configure your applicaiton to make these calls, to login your user, check if the resource user is trying to access is protected, check if the user is authorized to access the resource.


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