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    Hi Ujwol,

    We are trying to set up Oracle Database as policy store but I am getting the following error message.
    smreg su command failed.

    Please fix the error and reconfigure the Policy Store.

    I could see that tables has been created. While trying to execute smreg -tu command, I have noticed the below error message.

    [][2325][4097406688][08/30/2018][16:13:53][16:13:53.136][][][][Start processing SQL statement.][][][][CSmRecordset::Execute][CDb.cpp:305][][][][insert into smrootconfig5 (rootconfigoid, enableusertracking, dynamicprefs, majorversion, minorversion, smmode) values (‘1c-67b3c2b0-9e28-11d3-95e7-00c04f7468ef’, 0, ‘ ‘, 7, 0, 0)][][][]
    [][2325][4097406688][08/30/2018][16:13:53][16:13:53.173][][][][SQL Error.][][][-1][CSmDbConnectionODBC::CheckForError][CSmDbODBC.cpp:1436][[NS][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]ORA-01950: no privileges on tablespace ‘USERS’][HY000][][][][][]


    Failed to create the super user account.

    It is trying to create the superuser account in “USERS” table space. May I know the reason for the same as we have created dedicated table space and the tables has already been created(by the installer wizard) in the dedicated table space?


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